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fma_santa's Journal

Fullmetal Alchemist Secret Santa
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Fullmetal Alchemist Secret Santa Fic Exchange

Welcome to the 2011 FMA Secret Santa!

This is a community for people who want to write FMA-centric fanfic, with a 1,500 word minimum, specifically for another fan. The stories do not have to be Christmas or holiday themed, but if that's what strikes your fancy, feel free!

-By signing up, you are agreeing to have your fanfic finished and posted to the comm by January 10th. If you absolutely must drop out, please let me know ASAP so no one is left without a gift!
-It is recommended that you join/watch the community so you can see your gift!
-This is a Secret Santa, so no telling your giftee who you are! It should be a surprise. If you need clarification on a prompt or idea, PM me, lepharus, and I will get in touch with your giftee for you.
-Any fic rating is welcome, as long as it complies with your giftee's request. Please do not ask for R or NC-17 rated fic if you are underage. I don't want to age-restrict the comm, because I want to give everyone a chance to participate, so I'm trusting you here!
-Be kind and respect one another. This should go without saying, but if someone posts a fic to the community that you don't agree with, just don't read it. This comm is het, yaoi and yuri friendly.
-I will do my very best to match you with someone who is requesting the things you like to write. So please do your best to write an awesome gift for them!

Signups close: November 30, 12:00AM PST
Assignments emailed: December 1
Date to begin posting gifts/revealing yourself: December 25
Deadline to post gifts: January 10

Want to sign up? Just comment here!